Snake & Mongoose is a unique Grill Bar situated in the heart of Croydon. This fantastic venue takes its influences from Jamaican and British roots which are evident in the décor and the atmosphere when you visit. The décor is based around Early West Indian memorabilia which has historical links to The Windrush generation. 

The aim at Snake & Mongoose is to promote a healthy lifestyle using products that we source locally from within the community; therefore we are also supporting small local businesses at the same time. Authenticity is the ethos by which we work, we have a beautiful roof terrace where we grow fresh herbs which we use in our delicious foods and beverages. Our chicken is grilled/steamed on a jerk grill which is also situated on the roof terrace and our customers love the authenticity.

We actively participate in and promote community-based ventures and play an active part in supporting local groups within the community. 


‘Out of many, one people’. This motto reflects the diversity of people, being a mix of different races, cultures and religions. Our ethos, our attitude and aspirations are to bring together all the people to enjoy this beautiful place. To form friendships. To have a great place to visit and relax, whilst enjoying the atmosphere and excellent customer service.

We are a diverse team at Snake & Mongoose and we celebrate individuality, we welcome everyone to our unique spot based in Croydon. 


We also lease out the venue for your special occasions. So if your looking for something a little out of the ordinary this is the perfect place for you and your guests. Contact us to reserve your special date whether it’s a birthday, baby shower or Christmas Party we will work with you to ensure your special day is stress-free.

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